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Artificial intelligence and the algorithms that support it now dominate the attention of business and institutional enterprises, not to mention, the public at large. Generative AI has penetrated virtually every aspect of business and the effect of such large language model AI cannot be underestimated.

Epstein Becker Green attorneys have represented clients in over 200 projects relating to AI issues in health care, life sciences, and labor and employment.

Recent AI News

Algorithms used by health care providers and payers, whether bought or built internally, are now subject to an express regulation prohibiting discrimination.

Attorney Bradley Merrill Thompson, RAC, analyzes the rule, breaks down whether more sophisticated organizations face tougher compliance standards, and highlights critical updates from the proposed rule.

Learn how our AI group can guide you through the complex and ever-evolving AI landscape.

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Explore the details of the Department of Health and Human Services' extension of the Affordable Care Act's antidiscrimination provisions to patient care decision support tools, such as algorithms, and learn about the regulations, scope, and expectations for mitigating discrimination risks.

To learn why remediating AI bias requires experience in both science and law, read our recent article in The Journal of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Law (RAIL). No subscription needed.

Learn how Epstein Becker Green is helping providers safely navigate the complex enterprise risk management and regulatory compliance issues related to the use of AI in the health care setting.

How can Epstein Becker Green help your health care organization augment and strengthen its AI evaluation framework?

What AI-focused legislation might be on the horizon? Listen in as our team provides valuable insight into the White House's AI Bill of Rights, the SAFE Innovation Framework, and more.

Learn how a responsible Artificial Intelligence playbook can guard against AI bias.

General counsel should collaborate with data scientists to ensure that the algorithms their organizations employ are compliant with anti-discrimination laws.

Why Choose Epstein Becker Green?

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Our team—comprised of nearly 60 attorneys – has represented clients in over 200 projects relating to AI issues in health care, life sciences, and labor and employment.

Our socio-technical approach and experience with algorithmic bias testing and AI risk management is backed by nearly 1000 projects across hundreds of clients.  

Our team is at the forefront of joining data and social science with law.

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EBG offers an interdisciplinary approach to AI risk management and regulatory compliance.

Our attorneys work with leading data and social scientists to test and monitor AI-powered tools for algorithmic bias.

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